Brain Icon for a mental health initiative in the UK

Daisa Brand identity for Daisa, a water engineering company operating in Latam

HealthPass Identity for HealthPass, a Covid-19 health pass app

Workshop Logo for Workshop, a northern irish art collective and shop

Cellesce Logo for Cellesce, a biotech startup based in Cardiff, Wales

Studio CGS Identity for Studio CGS, an interior design boutique in New York

The Toolworks Identity concept for TheToolworks, a software consultancy in London

UK Festival Guides Logo for the leading music festival guide website in the UK

Verbias Logomark for Verbias, a professional translation agency

Starbon Identity for Starbon, a spin out from the University of York’s Green Chemistry Centre of Excellence

Spotnik Logo for Spotnik, a swiss IoT startup

Útils i inútils Identity and motion graphics for a TV show about useful and useless objects

Pan Comido Naming and logo for a cooking blog for simple, easy recipes

Vitamin D Co Logo for a nutrition company based in Boston