Hi, I’m Jaume and I have been a designer* for over 15 years

My aim is to help companies and organisations connect with people in a meaningful way. I try to do that by designing brands, websites and apps for startups, organisations and individuals around the world.

I am currently working at Hypha as Chief Experience Officer, which basically means I oversee the brand, product experience and marketing. And since 2017 I also run my design practice called Desde Studio.

Before that, I was Creative Director at Snap Tech, where I led a complete redesign of the brand and user experience across the consumer and business products.

On a personal note… I grew up just outside Barcelona, but for the last 10 years I have been living in Italy, London and Ireland. In no particular order, I enjoy travelling, taking photos, sipping a cortado, hand printing, attempting to climb, Japan and anything that involves the sea.

Thank you for stopping by, feel free to get in touch.

Have a nice day,


* I have also been called visual designer, graphic designer, web designer, front-end developer, art director, user interface designer, brand designer, creative director, digital product designer, user experience designer, design director, chief experience officer... Lol.